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Master-Solutions HSE Solution (Health Safety Environment)

Our environmental health and safety software solution is designed and developed according to a precise compliance policy, beyond environmental compliance and in long-term ensures your business success. Its unmatched design, performance and ease of use, guarantees the highest operational outcome and effective results. This brings you a form of continuous consistency which enables the process improvements to be identified easily. As other Master-Solutions products, after a review and evaluation the process of implementing OSHA standards in your company,  our customized software solution will be ready to implement.


As Master-Solutions OSHA Solution is developed to cover the entire process of OSHA, makes incident registration efficient and manageable. We provide our clients with adequate incident solutions, including prompt response and recovery systems. However, Master-Solution OSHA Solution goes far beyond a quick response to the incidents. The audits and inspection module is constructed to ensure you to get the maximum benefits from your audits and walkthroughs, therefore enables you to build a safer and more efficient working environment. Meanwhile you may take advantages of the Toolbox learning management modules and its powerful filtering and data analyzing module.

Simple but yet Efficient

The core of the Master-Solutions OSHA Solution is a standard software package that can be customized according to customer needs and the structure of your organization, as every organization has its own particular requirements. Master-Solutions is a pioneer in developing simple and user friendly software applications for years, as we believe that simplicity is the key to brilliance, a philosophy which is not only applied in our products but also our organization is developed based on it. This simplicity also makes our software solutions reliable and trims down possible errors. Those in conjunction with commitment, creativity and experience of our production and support team members bring you the best software solutions that are tailored to meet your specific goals.

Regulations and Moral Obligations

Health and safety are key business issues in todays growing business. As an employer you want to make sure to create a safe and healthy working condition for your human resources. However, a systematic approach would help you to comply with your both moral and business obligations. Implementing a proper health and safety management system would put your workers on control to handle key activities, so that everyone knows the right way of doing things. We can assist you to implement simple but accurate health and safety management software systems, for instance, OHSA 18001 standard. Our software systems provide a framework for developing your system and identifying key issues such as incident reporting.

Master-Solutions OSHA core software features:

  • Incidents registrations and classification
  • Incident risk analyzing
  • Incident information management
  • Incident assignment (HSE Managers , Problem specialists, …) and status tracking based on a tremendous workflow
  • Auditing information management
  • Planned walkthroughs information management
  • Managing presentations and toolboxes information
  • Managing instructions and procedures information
  • Supports all possible stakeholders (Enterprise employees, 3rd party employees, business partners, contractors, …)
  • Smart personal dashboards for any stakeholder regarding their role (User, HSE manager, Problem specialist, …)
  • Smart search
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Complete web based solution
  • A web based solution
  • An HSE manager focused application
  • Toolbox management
  • HSE audit check list
  • Mobile auditing module (optional)    


Audit cheklijst 

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