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Inspection App

Our primary expertise is design and developing various inspection software/App systems. Many companies and organizations carry out regular inspection in various inspection areas, from inspecting an instrument, for instance, a central-heating boiler, to tracking a particular contagious bacteria in hospitals or swimming pools.
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ToolSafe is a robust and modular web solution, developed as an answer to the growing demand for a cost effective software application to manage, plan, control, monitor and trace company’s valuable tools and instruments. ToolSafe allows both small companies and large enterprises to categorize, classifying and manage all related certificates and related information by providing a self-service email based module.
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HSE Software

Our environmental health and safety software solution is designed and developed according to a precise compliance policy, beyond environmental compliance and in long-term ensures your business success. Its unmatched design, performance and ease of use, guarantees the highest operational outcome and effective results.
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Facility management

As part of our Inspection World package, We have developed an inspection system called, Facility management, which is particularly designed for carrying out inspection in the buildings. Our system can be used both for private and commercial sectors. It is a web-based mobile system, which enables you to bend and check every corner of a building in order to inspect all its security aspects in a detail, comprehensible and efficient manner.
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Master solutions Sales Funnel is more than just another sales management, lead management, sales assistance, software, it is a structure, a roadmap on which the organizations can rely on as a foundation of their sales organization. This total web/mobile solution provides each of your business departments specific foundation sales data such as prospect/customer deep dive information, expected turnover and so on.
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CRM Online+

A powerful Customer Relation Management solution brings you the power of managing and documenting all interactions with every customer of your company, they are the invaluable resources, what we all do believe. Master-Solutions CRM solution as a very robust information system, allows your company to be consistent in the service you provide to your customers.
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Power Exchange

Our energy portfolio management system, Condor, is an absolute and complete software program which is specifically designed for buying, collecting, and selling energy products. This system works like a small Wall Street for the energy market. It allows you to gather information regarding the actual price, suppliers, and buyers, and all the relevant data regarding the energy, either gas or electricity.
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Our cloud computing services can give you a flexible and efficient IT infrastructure that responds quickly to changing demands. We pool resources and provide them as service shared by means of applications. Besides unlimited processing and storage capacity, we offer you flexible, on-demand, self-service provisioning, high level automation and consumption-based billing.
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Tailor Made Software

Master Solutions maps all business processes and translates them into a simple and user-friendly software. Our motto experience the ease speaks for itself. We provide the best possible solution at the lowest cost from basic to advanced applications.
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App Development for Brands & Business
We are specialized in design and developing of mobile applications for all major operating systems and platforms including iPhone, iPad, Androids, Smart Phones and Windows Phone. We offer an end-to-end service in the planning, design, development and promote any type of apps you require.

We provide the following services:
• Smart app solutions
• Producing unique design for any type of apps
• Building interactive and scalable apps
• Innovative applications for mobile platforms
• Developing robust and modular apps for each platform

We have a team of experienced professionals that can offer you unique services. However, we are also open to hear your ideas and give shape to your thoughts in developing a particular app to meet your needs.


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About Master-Solutions

Master Solutions is an innovative IT company, specialized in software solutions and IT services. We offer a wide range of advanced web solutions and enterprise applications, from simple contact management to full-service reporting systems. In the field of IT services, we design, maintain, and manage corporate networks in accordance with recognized standard methods. We provide services to all kinds of companies, including national energy organizations such as Essent. We offer high quality resources, which can be used optimally. In addition, our core specialty is to provide software products for inspection processes, for instance, for water and energy. Together we look for the best solutions that fit to your needs and budget.

Our general software services include:
- Smart software solutions.
- Providing comprehensive business solutions.
- Creating advanced applications, not only for the web, but also for desktops, mobile devices and social networks.
- Developing applications for various businesses.
- Creating sustainable software solutions.
- Data design, management and implementing.

We offer a full-service software and web development, focusing on practical applications to tackle complex issues. For the convenience of our customers, we have developed our own community network. Our advanced technical knowledge of software and hardware infrastructure and in-depth understanding of principles, have made us a dominant force in the world of IT solutions.



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